Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education programme at Garden International School, Bangkok is designed to give students the opportunity to experience life in environments beyond the normal classroom setting. As the students progress through the school the length of time the students spend on residential trips extends.

At the heart of the Outdoor Education programme are the core skills and characteristics that we aim to develop such as Leadership, Team-
work, Competitive Spirit, Communication, Organisation and Community Service.

Day Outdoor Education experiences start in Reception and continue through to the Sixth Form. The Outdoor Education residential programme begins in Year 3 and is for 1 night building up to the Upper Secondary School where the students are away for a full week.

The costs of the Outdoor Education programme at Garden International School, Bangkok are not included in the tuition fees and plenty of notice is given to parents to ensure that all students can take

Extra Curricular Activities

At Garden International School, Bangkok we believe that education of the whole student is important and we are dedicated to developing students emotionally, socially and physically as well as academically. To support our learning outside of the classroom the school offers an after school extra - curricular activities programme to all students from Reception to Sixth Form.

All extra - curricular activities run by teachers are free of charge, however there is a charge for extra - curricular activities run by external companies.

The programme changes from term to term and below is an outline of the kind of extra - curricular activities that we offer.


  • Singing Secondary
  • Thai
  • Yoga
  • Public Speaking
  • Song & Stories
  • Media


  • Basketball
  • E-Science
  • Native French
  • Music
  • Football
  • Taekwondo
  • Art


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Music
  • Yoga


  • Robotics
  • Baby Ballerina
  • Football
  • Clay Works
  • Mandarin
  • Film Making
  • Play Dough


  • Chess Academy
  • Hip Hop
  • Free Running
  • Photoshop
  • Cricket
  • ICT
  • Creative Play