Garden International School Bangkok - Accreditation

Garden International School, Bangkok is an internationally accredited international school. The school is accredited by Edu Development Trust, one of the world leaders in school accreditation and has received the International School Quality Mark.

From the May 2017 accreditation report the following highlights were made by the visiting inspectors regarding Garden International School, Bangkok;

  • Students’ personal development is outstanding. Their behaviour in lessons and around the school and their attitudes to school and learning are outstanding.
  • In Reception, children make outstanding progress in English and mathematics.
  • Students make good progress throughout the primary and secondary schools in English, mathematics, science and information and communication technology (ICT). Students in key stage 4 make outstanding progress in English. Students reach standards of attainment that are above those expected for their age in English, mathematics, science and ICT.
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment throughout the school is good. An increasing amount is outstanding.
  • Students reach at least above average attainment in their work and examinations and demonstrate outstanding levels of personal development.
  • The curriculum promotes students’ good academic outcomes and outstanding personal development.
  • The degree to which the school cares for and supports its students is good. The provision for helping students to stay healthy is outstanding.
  • An outstanding range of extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities.
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Garden International School, Bangkok is also accredited by Cambridge International Examinations and Oxford AQA Exams to offer internationally recognised exam course at both IGCSE and A-Level


Further to these internationally recognised accreditations Garden International School, Bangkok is accredited by ONESQA in Thailand and also a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand.